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My name is Stacie Allan. I am a translator, creative translation consultant, and writer, originally from the North East of England. For 18 months, until Covid hit, I lived a peripatetic lifestyle as a digital nomad. Now, I’m based in the south of France.


8+ years’ experience French to English translation (academic and commercial).


Book reviews, literary essays, and thought-provoking travel writing.


Creative translation activities, events, and programmes

About this website

This website initially charted my experiences as an unaffiliated early career academic after completing a PhD in Francophone women’s writing. My research centred upon how two nineteenth-century authors translate their experiences of Revolutionary exile, alienation from France’s new regime, and disconnection from their past lives by writing the self through agents and sites of otherness. These displaced subjects used the novel to situate their identities against fixed notions of gender and nationhood and provide alternative national stories. Drawing on narrative’s power to position and construct, the website served 1) as my personal academic space and 2) as an outlet to plot my shifting identity as I skirted around the edges of the academy as a visiting lecturer, independent scholar, and university administrator. In September 2018, I left the UK to build a maison péripatétique — a house on the road, a home within displacement. Since then, I have worked as a freelance translator and consultant for creative translation projects, alongside publishing my first academic book Writing the Self, Writing the Nation, writing commissions, teaching English, and equality and diversity work.


Stacie managed to translate a rather complicated project very quickly. While keeping the poetic and sophisticated spirit of the original texts, she also knew how to take the greatest care of the SEO. I will certainly be using her talents in the future. Thank you, Stacie!

Commercial translation project

Great article. Timeline respected. Always available to answer questions… She’s a great writer!

Travel article

I asked Stacie for a brief essay to be included in an online journal and she provided an excellent piece of writing, ahead of schedule.

Travel essay