I regularly work on French to English translation and post-editing projects for commercial clients (Amazon, Le Châle Bleu) and academics in of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Law.

Creative Translation

Collaborating with Translators in Schools and English PEN, I ran translation workshops on puns and idiom, city life in Paris and London and migrants’ experiences of London. With the Brilliant Club, I created a six-part course on translating a Haitian children’s book. These workshops have been deemed ‘rich’, ‘engaging’, and ‘insightful’. In a series of interactive talks at the University of Warwick, I worked with local MFL teachers, PGCE teachers, and modern languages students to discuss how my work with Translators in Schools work might be translated into the classroom.

I am always willing to consider new translation projects or collaborations and can be contacted at:

Published Translations

Gleizes, Delphine, ‘Adapting Les Misérables for the Screen: Transatlantic Debates and Rivalries’, trans. by Stacie Allan,  in ‘Les Misérables’ and its Afterlives: Between Page, Stage, and Screen, ed. by Kathryn Grossman and Bradley Stephens (Farnham: Ashgate, 2015), pp. 129–142

Gasiglia-Laster, Danièle, ‘Éponine on Screen’, trans. by Stacie Allan, in ‘Les Misérables’ and its Afterlives (see Grossman and Stephens, above), pp. 159–174

Laster, Arnaud, ‘A New Creation: Histoire de Gavroche in Words and Song’, trans. by Stacie Allan, in ‘Les Misérables’ and its Afterlives (see Grossman and Stephens, above), pp. 175–190

‪Rasson, Luc, ‘“The sweet liberty of the trenches”: Capitaine Conan by Roger Vercel and Bertrand Tavernier’, trans. by Stacie Allan, Journal of War & Culture Studies, 6:4 (2013), 302–312

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